We help employers build highly desirable places to work

We help employers
build highly desirable places to work

Burner is an employee wellbeing platform that helps employers establish a highly engaging employee wellbeing program.

Easily Engage Remote Teams

Burner helps employers cultivate strong coworker relationships, encourage and reward healthy behaviors, improve transparency and promote team atmosphere for remote teams.

Streamline Communications

The Burner employee app and admin portal provide the capabilities employers need to simplify, streamline and unify communications.

Improve Culture & Climate

Burner brings employees together in a community where they can easily encourage, support and hold each other accountable on their respective wellness journeys.

Gain Actionable Insights

Burner helps every team member maintain a healthy level of physical activity every day and provides actionable insights employers use to make smarter, faster and better-informed decisions.

Burner is available for run powered by ADP

Our integration makes it easy for ADP's clients to establish a highly engaging employee wellbeing program.

The Burner Advantage

All in One

Burner helps employers easily engage remote teams using challenges, rewards, events, educational content, social engagement and personalized notifications.


Burner gives employees the daily guidance, inspiration and support they need to achieve their health goals. The Burner AI uses employee goals, health claims, screenings and assessments to construct the optimal personalized wellness program.

Total Mind & Body

Burner’s wellness program helps employees work on their entire self; mind, body and soul. The program includes home, office and gym workouts as well as meal plans, meditations and educational materials.


Burner facilitates interactions between employees that give positive reinforcement and encouragement.

The Burner App

Excite and delight your employees

Activity Tracker

Fun Challenges

Wellness Education

Community Support

Health Dashboard




Platform Administration

Real-time wellness insights.

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